DIY Toilet Cleaning Bombs - Deodorize & Kill Bacteria! Just Drop One in the Bowl; It's simply baking soda, citric acid and essential oils. Sounds easy enough to make a couple of dozen...#diy

DIY Toilet Bombs To Deodorize And Kill Bacteria

18 Beautiful Engagement Rings That Only Look Expensive

18 Beautiful Engagement Rings That Only Look Expensive

I'll just wait for the severely less-expensive knock-off.  But I do like it.  Cartier, Juste un Clou, $6250 (in pink gold).

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Turn cheap Dollar Tree storage bins into lined woven baskets that look like they came from Pier 1. All you need is some fabric, rope, and a glue gun.

How to Make Dollar Tree Storage Bins Look Like Pier 1

That Black - Get the most out of buying your jewelry! Find out how at

Tips For Finding The Pefect Piece Of Jewelry. Photo by Gnilenkov Aleksey What do you know about jewelry? Are you knowledgeable about the various types of jewelry or how to choose good jewelry over low