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Please stop reporting pins that don't even have nudity, you ruin things for everyone. Try to have a peaceful existence ✌🏻

:-(    ^ This is precisely the face this woman is making.    Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the first recorded use of anyone, anywhere, championing the digital “sideways smiley” emoticon. Here, celebrates “living” emoticons — in wildly expressive faces.

Paul Schutzer - photo // "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion, still.

Cuddles' Expression Tutorial/Ramblings by on @deviantART

Cuddles' Expression Tutorial/Ramblings by CuddlesAndHuggles on DeviantArt reference eyes cartoon how to

Vera Expressions by on @deviantART ✤

Vera Expressions by on deviantART I LOVE art! Body language facial expressions happy angry shocked scared etc

When something is really funny, somehow our hands go right to the face.

Are you laughing Laughter improves your skin tone + blood flow to the face meaning you will glow with happiness!