REMEMBER AS FAR AS ANYONE KNOWS WE'RE A NICE, NORMAL FAMILY....BUT....don't look to deeply there are many skeleton in their closets that need tending too - which they'd have more time if they kept their nose, jealousy and judgmental ideas out of everyone else's house....and tended to their own business

So we can read it as we walk down the stairs. Remember as Far as Anyone Knows we Are a Nice Normal Family Humorous Primitive Distressed Sign Routed Edge

It's usually the chocolate I have stashed in a secret place! :)

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sad that this is probably true for a lot of families

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(Outsider's view) The town of Renwick had grown used to the peculiarities of the Westons.

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I have circumstantial evidence that Monday Murdered Sunday.Join me in the investigation.

Modern Day Thoran would feel this way....he so would feel this way.  I'm sure WoW Thoran would too, but not with

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Funny, but sad. Dysfunctional families ... we all have them.  Let me see, I could have a family get together with.....come to think of it, no one.

"Let's have a family gathering for the remaining family members who still speak to each other.the ones who like each other and don't insist on discussing politics at every family gathering.

Because everyone listens when you tell them to calm down and chill. Right?!

Job & Work quote & saying Because everyone listens when you tell them to calm down and chill. The quote Description Because everyone listens whe

Lol!! We are nuts But I love my family!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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