Lenka Srsnova Fashion Editorial  The font used is different but still readable, the use of bright colour is really effective

Lenka Srsnova Fashion Editorial

Magazine covers for the art exhibtion! self esteem booklets and how to critcally unfold mass media on fashion and idenity Lenka Srsnova Fashion Editorial

History, evaluation, and thoughts on the Didot font for blog and web design projects. single font family

Didot: Classic Serif Typeface

History behind this iconic fashion typeface - Didot. typography, graphic design, web fonts, fonts color black and white contrast

Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2011 _                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Harper’s Bazaar UK May 2011

This layout is from Vogue Magazine. Even though you can't see the entire letter in the page, your eye automatically closes the shape and identifies the character. I also like the alignment in the text.

Law of attraction - by unknown - Mooi door de combinatie met het plaatje en de simpele typografie.

25 Great Typography, Calligraphy & Lettering Designs

Fluid Identity: Evan Dorlot July 2013 A very thoughtful and interesting identiy by French designer Evan Dorlot, for young fashion desig in Photography & Graphics

Typography inspiration | #1167 25 Nice Typography & Lettering Designs NY Fashion Week by Eugenia Anselmo

Typography inspiration