Hey Girl, Feminist Ryan Gosling

Feminist Ryan Gosling Book Features New 'Hey Girl's You Don't Want To Miss (PHOTOS)

Ready for some new hey girl feminist Ryan Gosling memes? (yes, it's a rhetorical question)

Ryan Gosling hitting on girls with Feminist theory.  More at this site: http://twentytwowords.com/2011/10/11/ryan-gosling-hitting-on-girls-with-feminist-theory/

Ryan Gosling hitting on girls with Feminist theory

AHAHAH HEY GIRL WITH bell hooks! Though, honestly, I don't like bell hooks. Ryan and I can talk about how much we hate her instead :)

i do like cuddling :) and gender is totally a social construct. ryan is so smart :)

Meme Alert: Feminist Ryan Gosling Knows You're a Woman (Not a Girl)

11 Awesome Examples Of Feminist Ryan Gosling Hey girl, Ryan wants you to understand that he gets the pressures society puts on you as a woman.

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Ryan Gosling hitting on girls with Feminist theory

My amazing friend @Danielle is the founder of Feminist Ryan Gosling, and it is amazing. If you want to learn about Feminist theory, enjoy it with photos of Ryan Gosling. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Arent arbitrary beauty archetypes steeped in historically biased ideologies pumped out to us by archaic forms of media the reason that girls like Ryan Gosling so much?

"Hey girl. Start a revolution. Stop hating your body." #FeministRyanGosling #feminism #bodypositive

I'd like to congratulate Ryan on the big news, and I'd also like to let him know I forgive him for not impregnating me first. Kind of. I kind of forgive him. On a different note, this will forever be my favorite. Listen to him ladies!

Feminist Ryan Gosling - Multi, Dorm Decor, Quirky, Scholastic/Collegiate, Top Rated

Rebel-Rouser Graphic Tee

....yeah i like the abs not  going to lie

Ryan Gosling is not just sensitive—he's also a feminist

Hey Girl, Check Out Our Favorite Ryan Gosling Memes: There's even a site of Ryan Gosling memes for bookish fans: Hey girl. : Ryan wants you to focus on his face according to Feminist Ryan Gosling.

11 Awesome Examples Of Feminist Ryan Gosling

11 Awesome Examples Of Feminist Ryan Gosling

This whole website is feminist funny. All brought to you by Ryan Gosling. -super funny even if I only agree with some of it

well when you put it that way... of course I'll have your children.

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Haha Feminist Ryan Gosling says: Hey girl. The post-feminist fetishization of motherhood is deeply rooted in classism but I still think we'd make cute babies.