The interior is dominated by comfort and simplicity. With its seats that can easily accommodate four adults, a small luggage space and the equipment to be consisted of the basic instruments is a car that will not cause you trouble or headache!

2002 fiat DOBLO diesel that is very economical to run and can be used has a work van its got ful

Fiat Panda - A silly car with rock-hard suspension and roller-skate looks. It gurgles on the over-run, revs to just over and weighs under a ton. Which is why I went a bit mental and bought one!

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Fiat Panda: What’s this, surely not a hot Panda? Well it’s been a while since constituted ‘hot’ but that’s essentially what you’re looking at.

Antony ingram with some words on his wonderful Fiat Panda It's for sale too, so will someone buy it before I do.