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How To: Build a Simple and Inexpensive DIY Bed Frame (oh the cheap!)

How To: Build a Simple and Inexpensive DIY Bed Frame

Thinking of forgoing the typical bedskirt? Well, interior design rules need not apply! Read on for more interior design rules to break right now!

10 Interior Design Rules That You Should Break Now

This is the peg right here: Palo tsina platform, mattress pushed against the corner.


Beautiful contrast with the dark timber floors and raw pallet bed. Love the pulled draped curtain- this may be my dream room

Behind the Camera and Dreaming: DIY Toddler Bed ©Stephanie Clark, Gray Mornings Photography/Behind the Camera and Dreaming #toddler #forthehome

DIY Toddler Bed

Behind the Camera and Dreaming: DIY Toddler Bed ©Stephanie Clark Adapt to dog bed?

This is awesome. I should think about this

6 Ways to Hack a Platform Storage Bed from IKEA Products

This would be cool but to save space I'd like the storage/platform to come out from the foot of the bed rather than the side. {DIY platform bed- great way to save space in a small place. could even put bedframe on top of platform}

Tutorial for upholstered floor bed frame / toddlers / Montessori

How to Make a Bed Frame for a Baby or a Kid

Intrigued by the idea of a floor bed for your toddler's bedroom? this post has inspiration and the benefits of floor beds!

The 5 Benefits of a Floor Bed for Toddlers

I woke up this morning and decided I wanted a pallet bed so we're making one! Check out the results at #DIYReady Pallet bed frame

Pallet Furniture

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