Casulon Plantation - Good Hope, Georgia. This house stood for over a century and was used for tours & historic reenactments of the Civil War until 2002. An arson fire ravaged the house that year, believed to be set by people who wanted the house gone so they could have mineral rights to the quarry that stands behind the house. These ruins are all that are left of a once-great landmark.

anniversary of the end of state sponsored kindnapping and forced labor concentration camps at Casulon Concentration Camp in Good Hope, Georgia. The criminal James Harris, labored over 100 prisoners on the thousands of acres of the camp.

Stop child labor!! June 12 - World Day Against Child Labour. There are 215 million in the world, children are forced to work to survive, often in the worst forms of exploitation.

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American Flag Door Decor (FYI-personal note: I like to make sure the flag and all other products are AMERICAN made/processed!

International Labor Organization (organization) The ILO is a UN agency that works to “shape policies and programmes promoting Decent Work for all.” The ILO website includes a variety of reports and other information on numerous topics, from child labor, forced labor, and working conditions, to green jobs, worker safety, and economic development.

World Day Against Child Labour Human rights and social justice. let's end child labour (IPEC)

This is SO important to realize. Humans need emotional support and way too often men get it from their wives while giving barely any in return. Thus forcing her to go seek it elsewhere. And then men are jealous or start ridiculing these support systems because they don't recognize what's going on. This is all a consequence of toxic masculinity, as we can see that gay men, who're already breaking this toxic heteronormative mold, often don't have this problem.

Female friendships Please men, society needs you to be emotionally supportive. Feminine-associated traits are not inherently bad for you to have. They're not even inherently feminine. Caring for others isn't inherently feminine.

♥ Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend... Always remember those who gave their lives for our freedom and those serving to keep our freedom! ♥ Tam

Happy Memorial Day {free printables

Do you know a soldier? Remember to say thank you. We live in the land of the free, because of the brave men and women who keep us free.

I wouldn't get the tatt but cuttlefish RULE!!!!!!! Please help stop the forced labor camps that the government runs. FREE THE CUTTLE FISH.

I wouldn't get the tatt but cuttlefish RULE! Please help stop the forced labor camps that the government runs. FREE THE CUTTLE FISH.

Cupcake Cake.  Great idea for a Memorial or 4th of July Party where there will be little kids.

Learn to make american flag cupcake cake. Great idea for a Memorial or of July Party where there will be little kids.

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Stalin's Gulag: Concentration camps in 1917

Look me in the face and fairly answer. Who to you here the enemy?

By basic definition, human trafficking is the trade of humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitati

The Photos Exposing The Sad Story Of The Global Human Trafficking Business [Images] - Truth Code

Gulag: Soviet Forced Labor Camps and the Struggle for Freedom

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Female inmates at forced labor in Ravensbrueck concentration camp. Germany, 1940-1942.

Female prisoners at forced labor digging trenches at the Ravensbrueck concentration camp. This photograph is from the SS-Propaganda-Album des Frauen-KZ-Ravensbrueck

Naturally patriotic, this no-bake dessert is light as air and can be made in advance!

Red White and Blue Berry Tiramisu

Red White and Blue Berry Tiramisu is the perfect no bake dessert to celebrate of July! Light and addictive!