1971 Ford Torino Cobra 429..Re-pin Brought to you by #HouseofInsurance in #EugeneOregon for #LowCostInsurance

1971 Ford Torino Cobra Jet 429 - I bought one of these new and named it Brutus. My wife said it idled rough and shook too much. It was a beast but someone stole it from in front of our house and it was found a couple blocks away stripped.

Ford Torino GT - Went on our honeymoon in this 1970 Torino, it was yellow and covered with white shoe polish!

1971 Ford Torino Pictures: See 103 pics for 1971 Ford Torino. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1971 Ford Torino.

'71 Ford Torino GT 429 Cobra Jet Hard Top..Re-pin...Brought to you by #CarInsurance at #HouseofInsurance in Eugene, Oregon

1971 Torino GT "Shaped for the wind" - quoted Ford ads In 1964 Detroit established the fact that the big engine in small cars sell a lot better in.

1972 Ford Torino COBRA..Re-pin Brought to you by agents at #HouseofInsurance in #EugeneOregon for #LowCostInsurance

1972 Ford Torino COBRA Awesome car, but ditch the huge wheels for me.

Ford Torino GT

The 50 Greatest American Sports Cars36. Ford Torino Talladega GT