Yesterday I tackled the intricacies of plant selection. I realize that differentiating between plant species can be a little bit daunting. I mean, for the most part they're all just green and leafy...

5 of the Best Carpet Plants for Freshwater Custom Aquariums

5 of the Best Carpet Plants for Freshwater Custom Aquariums - Okeanos Aquascaping - Dwarf Baby Tears, Java Moss, and other Foreground Plants for Aquascapes

I like this image due to the colour co-ordination between the background and the foreground of the image, helping to create a quirky feel. I also like this image due to it's obvious meaning and how it makes us think about how everybody has a heart yet it's sometimes hidden underneath by people. The placement of the strawberry within the apple's core helps to create a lovely, affective image.

Sonia Rentsch’s Still Life Art

Contrast: this still life photo shows contrast between the very different colors of the bright red and the pastel green,blue and the white of the apple.

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Name Claire - Meaning, origin etc. - Girl Names - Baby Name Claire

A Perfect Spiral.. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has produced this finely detailed image of the beautiful spiral galaxy #NGC6384. This galaxy lies in the #constellationOphiuchus (The Serpent Bearer), not far from the centre of the Milky Way on the sky. The positioning of NGC 6384 means that we have to peer at it past many dazzling foreground Milky Way stars that are scattered across this image.

NGC A perfect spiral .The NASA /ESO,Hubble Telescope has produced this finally detained image of the beautiful spiral galaxy

Sky overlays | Photoshop tutorials by Amanda Glisson via Click it Up a Notch

Sky Overlays: Photoshop Tutorial

I will admit I am just a bit obsessed with gorgeous skies. I mean really, who doesn’t enjoy looking at a colorful, creamy sky complementing their subject in the foreground? The problem is that when we

nativity   oh sweet!!    page to colour for children.....    frame and you have a keepsake which will become more precious over time..... remember to let the child sign it, along with their age.

I don't really like this graphic but I really like the should try your hand at developing an understated stitching of the nativity making the quote standout in the foreground.

The Milky Way at Emerald Lake Yoho  The Milky Way over the side pond at Emerald Lake Yoho National Park BC. from the bridge to the Lodge. Lights from the Lodge illuminate the trees. Perpetual twilight near solstice (I shot this JUne 6 2016) lights the sky deep blue. Saturn is the bright object in haze shining through the trees at right. This is a stack of 8 x 25-second exposures for the foreground (mean combined to smooth noise) and one untracked exposure for the sky (to minimize trailing)…

The Milky Way at Emerald Lake, Yoho The Milky Way over the side pond at Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, BC., from the bridge to the Lodge.