Frank iero

The fact that Frank Iero has "Bookworm" tattooed onto his hands just makes me so happy.

You see someone with tattoos on their knuckles and its like. oh their such a thug. But then cute little Frank tattoos Bookworm on his knuckles, and it just gives me a whole new perspective on knuckle tats.

Frank Iero

Frank Iero

Oh my god... his eyes. I'm just... he's so beautiful.

I want a small lip ring just like that :) not because Frank Iero had it but because I think it would look good on me

Frank working the merch table. No job too small. Love him!

one of my favorite frank pics, it may or may not be my lockscreen.


i was supposed to meet Frank Iero but then he got hit by a bUS

He's so perfect OMW!!!!!!AND HIS EYES KILL ME UGGGHHHHHH!!!!

Natalia's Family.

this is frank iero and he is my dad

i'm ready to leave ✧ frank iero of frnkiero andthe cellabration and of my chemical romance