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God Save the Queen

Happy Birthday, Freddie. You will live forever through the legacy of your music and incredible talent.   Buy a print of this poster here!

Fahrenheit - 15 days ago - Happy 'Forever Alone Day'! Queen - Freddy Mercury by pablostanley

The hottest man... whether alive or deceased. This is MY Freddie. ~Aj

Happy Birthday Freddie - your music lives on What a talented man!

Freddie Mercury ~ Forever Queen

Singer Freddie Mercury - wearing a crown during a performance with British rock group Queen ,

Michael Jackson et Freddie Mercury

Michael Jackson et Freddie Mercury © Photo sous Copyright

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury's outstanding individuality and originality; the power and strength he projected on stage - is all this reflected in his handwriting?

Brian May & Freddie Mercury in Munich having a great time at a party celebrating Freddie's 39th birthday.

Brian May and Freddie Mercury in the crowd: Munich ~ Celebrating Freddie's birthday .

That mic stand thingy was just the greatest thing ever. It was like he was wielding a goddamn sword.

22 Reasons Why Freddie Mercury Was The Most Legendary Man Ever

Freddie Mercury: The sleeve photo from the George Michael + Queen EP. One of my all time favorite photos of Freddie. It's from Live Aid when Brian and Freddie came out later on and performed "Is This The World We Created?