Pain lines and the characters they were directed at-shows a points of weakness/plays on the character's self doubt

The Big Four (& Elsa) Hiccup, Rapunzel, Merida, Jack, Elsa Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons!

Omg this is aww...(thinking)... My sister and i dont like eachother that much...Oh well!

My heart was so sad at this post. and then i had to laugh at the end post. But this was beautiful

"Do you want to melt a snowman?" Who needs a heart anyway? This remind me of yhe headcanon that says that Olaf's life depends complety on Elsa's. I though it made sense, but I didn't realize it would be so sad

Do you want to melt a snowman?

Olaf will melt when Elsa dies? That's so sad! But, Elsa will always be alive if people always remember her. So technically she could be immortal and so would be Olaf!

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Can I die crying in the corner of the room now ?'( <--- I was listening to "let it go" while reading this and i almost cried.<<<< make that 3 broken hearts

Wtf?! Now I'm gonna be thinking about this a lot...

I still ship KristAnna. But the last thing I need is Hans feels caused by a *fan theory*. Though I do like Hans.

Frozen, Disney art. She even has her little doll that looks like Anna

Frozen / Disney Art / Princess- OH MY GOODNESS! She even has her little doll that looks like Anna D: >>>> If you notice, in the scene where Elsa moves across the hallway, she takes the Anna doll and Anna keeps the Elsa doll.

*crying in the corner of the room*

Elsa and her mother (Queen Idun of Arendelle) from "Frozen" - Art by shizu The feels!

Frozen - Sad story by on @deviantART

Elsa & Anna's parents THEORY- they survived on an island and gave birth to a boy (tarzan) and was killed by the jaguar. So they didn't die during the shipwreck