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15 Birthday Pranks to Surprise Your Kids - One Crazy House

15 Birthday Pranks to Surprise Your Kids

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I would probably have a heart attack air horn under office computer desk chair prank

15 Birthday Pranks to Surprise Your Kids

15 Birthday Pranks to Surprise Your Kids

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21 last minute prank ideas

19 Disturbing Birthday Cakes That Will Make You Wish You Weren't Born

They better deal with it, hilarious cake, words on top Find The Toenail, Fingernail April Fools pranks jokes birthday's

How to make a kids birthday balloon avalanche where balloons fall from the ceiling or door to make your child feel extra special. Watch the how to video too

How to Make A Kids Birthday Balloon Avalanche

How to make a DIY kids birthday balloon avalanche to make your child feel extra special on their birthday morning. Balloons can fall from the door or ceiling. Fill your child's bucket of love by reminding him how important he is to you on his birthday.

April Fool's Day - fun PRANKS - JOKES for the kids - silly ideas

I have to admit, this would be messed up to do to someone but it would be extremely funny seeing the persons expression on their face!

Katy Perry's Funny Birthday Prank - #funny #prank #KatyPerry

- Birthday (Official)Katy Perry went to the extreme for her hilarious new music video for Birthday. She crashes five different "real life" birthday parties in disguise… Watch Katy Perry like you’ve never seen her before!