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Musou (Not CN games official website I play hand acid Why can so many EVO ?

generator rex | Generator Rex... Alpha Rex by Zimonini

Took waaayy too long to get this dude done. Have been a sketch (alot of sketches) in my drawer for a long time now. But this is my Rex Salazar for my .

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Divide By Six

"Divide By Six" is the sixth episode of season two of Generator Rex and the of the overall.

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Generator Rex - Season 1 Rex is far from your average teenager, infected by nanites, he's turned into an Evo, with the power to grow machines out of his body. With his ability, Rex helps a government agency control the tech's vicious creations.

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first time drawing Rex it's such a good show i have a thing for six brushes by ~redheadstock Generator Rex

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Rex is so awesome character and this show rocks too. A little extra pic with different colours: [link] Generator Rex