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1787 Portrait of George Washington by James Peale

April 1789 George Washington took office as the first elected president of the United States of America. This portrait of President Washington was painted by James Peale in Washington was the only president to never live in the White House in D.

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Sassy George Washington

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Funny: George Washington memes

Ever wondered about the adventures of America's Founding Father? Look no further than the hilarious George Washington meme to understand our history!

George Washington, the first President under the Constitution as drafted in 1787 [Previous Presidents served under the Articles of Confederation and prior to that under the Articles of Association]

The white mythology of George Washington

George Washington (February 1732 - December Was an American Founding Father and the first President of the United States. He took office April 1789 And left office March 1797 After serving two terms as President

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Portrait Of George Washington Taking The Salute At Trenton Greeting Card for Sale by John Faed

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Adventures with George Washington

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Did You Know George Washington Had A Sassy Side? LOL The Founding Father Has…

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1st US President George Washington