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Such apparitions are common in the Draconian land due to phisical and dimensional anomalies that take place there.

Ghastly Ghostly

Bernard Herrmann: The Package (2nd Vs)/ Just to Keep in Touch/ Alastair Reid: Ghosts

I’ll see you again.  This is not where it ends.  I will carry you with me, til I see you again... ~ Carrie Underwood

This picture is symbolic of Hamlet's relationship with his father's ghost. The hand reaching out for the ghostly hand represents how Hamlet reached out to his father for the truth and guidance about how to seek revenge.

I love how creepy this one looks. It's a long exposure with obvious purposefulness. Again, why was the image taken except to show a ghostly image of a creepy stalker girl there?

ethereal , spiritual ghost gothic photo art grimm and fairy spooky ghost on tree halloween chills

Theme - Reflection Krapp spends his days reflecting on his mistakes that caused him to lose the person he loves and engrossing himself in self loathing.

22 impactantes y aterradoras imágenes que te perturbaran

"I looked into the water and saw my sister Storm standing right next to me. For Halloween or with a fitting quote