Wow, why did I never think of that before???

"Make a stranger fall in love with me in three days or lose my soul to a sea witch? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" ~ the joke is on Ursula, Little Mermaid Ariel is a redhead

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 77 Pics

I'm not saying we should kill all the stupid people...

That is horrible. I feel horrible for laughing. This show is horrible. I love this show.

Sam's soul is missing

Something is wrong with Sam. His soul is missing. - Ginger Sam Winchester in funny Supernatural scene where Dean talks to Castiel about him: "There's something wrong with Sam. - It's his soul. It's missing." LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS ONE

Ok so I was just scrolling through, casually listening to BVB and I saw this and burst out laughing I hope no one heard me

Isn't it time for dads to stop being weirdly overprotective of their daughters?

Swedish Chef Ramsay delightfully combines the goofiness of the Muppets’ Swedish Chef with the rage of Hell’s Kitchen host Chef Gordon Ramsay.


Image macro memes are a dime a dozen. But then there's Philosoraptor, the contemplative dinosaur that makes us think even as we laugh.

Always check before drinking... - The Meta Picture

Always check before drinking…

Funny pictures about Red Headed Cannibal. Oh, and cool pics about Red Headed Cannibal. Also, Red Headed Cannibal photos.

It’s a different story for gingers | Community Post: Summer Survival Guide For Gingers

It's a different story for gingers

Redheaded Problems--Compilation!

Except I don't mind being called a Weasley, I have a redheaded sister, and I did have a redheaded doll: Barbie's friend Midge.

When redheads get angry… @Jamie Christy

When redheads get angry…

Don't Make Me Mad Or I Will Ginger Snap - Baby with Red Hair Holds a Warning Sign ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail