I woke up hanging in a well with duck tape covering my mouth. There were 4 other kids like this around me.how would you save me RP ANYONE???

I tried to let out a scream but my mouth was ducted taped. "Wow, this is a high powered government and they use duct tape.

25 Just Add a Tag Neighbor Gifts – Crazy Little Projects

25 Just Add a Tag Neighbor Gifts

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Kleenex but all my opinions are my own. I know I have said this befor…

gross but the girls get warts on their feet...would be nice to have something that works well.

The kids and I were going through old pictures today when we ran across a picture of the worst wart ever. Don't look if you've got a strong gag reflex. And actually it wasn't the worst wart ever, n.

Cute Inexpensive Gift Idea For The Chocolate Lover In Your Life.Cute gift idea! Dollar store frame and chocolate.  Buy an inexpensive frame print words out and tape (using double sided sticky tape, no glue gun will melt chocolate) Then simply frame.  Thanks for looking. Please don't forget to like and follow. Click my profile pic to see all my tips.

Art In case of emergency, break glass Hershey chocolate bar in frame Kims Kandy Kreations: Chocolate Candy Favors crafts-diy

18 Funny Animal Pics to Nerd Out On Check more at http://8bitnerds.com/18-funny-animal-pics-to-nerd-out-on/

18 Funny Animal Pics to Nerd Out On

Great beer, and the cat doesn't even care. You go, arrogant bastard! (I love my feline babies, but sometimes.

50' Woman With PMS Crime Scene Funny Yellow Caution Barricade Tape Gag - Barricade, Caution, CRIME, Funny, SCENE, TAPE, Woman, Yellow

warning,woman with PMS.my husband would love to wrap me up with this!

Shirley fenette tape gag by Itstapeg1

There needs to be more of this girl Shirley fenette tape gag

hehehe! april fools lunch, carrots instead of chips and a worm out of the apple!

April Fools Food Pranks — Family Fun

Make april fools day super fun with these 10 awesome April Fools Day ideas for kids. Prank your kids or let them prank someone, your kids will have a blast!

Every kid needs to know how to fold a paper airplane. This should help.

Paper Planes!

Ultimate cheat sheet for paper craft airplanes. I need this because apparently I cannot fold paper airplanes like Darren!

NO to H8 - Naya Rivera & Heather Morris

Naya Rivera & Heather Morris Uh, OK? Never seen girls with duct tape over their mouths before.

This girl in Costa Rica is helping cosplayers. In her back there are glue, scissors,  tape,  etc...

This girl in Costa Rica is helping cosplayers. In her back there are glue, scissors, tape, etc...

This girl in Costa Rica helping cosplayers, in her back has glue, scissors, tape, etc.