Hayden Panettiere enters treatment for postpartum depression. Will her courage help others? (Photo: Global News)

How Hayden Panettiere seeking treatment for postpartum depression can reduce stigma and help other families

Entertainment Desk - Audrey Hepburn on Ethiopia and UNICEF March 26, 1988: Global News entertainment reporter Elaine Loring sits down with Hollywood legend Audrey Hepburn to discuss her experiences with UNICEF in Ethiopia and living away from the 'hustle and bustle'.

Entertainment Desk - Audrey Hepburn on Ethiopia and UNICEF March 1988 with Elaine Loring

Here’s a look at how the process usually unfolds, and how the government might be able to bring people over halfway through, and then complete the screenings on Canadian soil. (Global News)

Here’s how refugees are screened before arriving in Canada

This explains the extensive screening process refugees have to go through in order to relocate to Canada.

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Infographic: To buy or not to buy? That is the question

This is a question we as Real Estate agents get asked every day. Unfortunately, it’s not a simple answer. There are many factors to consider, both personal and economical, when deciding whether b.

As the literary world awaits publication of Harper Lee’s long lost novel "Go Set a Watchman," Yahoo global news anchor Katie Couric takes viewers to Monroeville, Alabama, Harper Lee’s hometown and the fictional “Maycomb” in her blockbuster hit To Kill a Mockingbird. This latest episode of Viewfinder explores the controversy surrounding the new novel’s publication and looks back at the making of an instant classic about the segregated South.

Beyond To Kill a Mockingbird: The lost novel of Harper Lee