Goku and Vegeta SSB

Goku and Vegeta SSB

If you know anything about this series, you know that, though improbable, this picture is still amazing

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Goku and Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Super anime

Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta Alt Palette by on DeviantArt

SSB Goku and Vegeta (Phone Wallpaper) by RayzorBlade189 on DeviantArt

UPDATE I changed the Dragonball right between Goku and Vegeta into a Dragonball. SSB Goku and Vegeta (Phone Wallpaper)

Dragon Ball Z - Goku & Vegeta (Nobody tells Vegeta what to do)

He'll die if he wants to. Nobody tells Vegeta what to do he's such an ass lol but that's what makes him a bad ass

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I'm sincerely hoping that Goku still goes back to his gold form of super saiyan. It makes me sad to think that because of his new form in the new Dragon Ball film, that Goku may never become the form I grew up with as a kid.

vegeta and goku by trunks24

another dbz sketch 4 my dbz fans DBZ(C)Akira Toriyama vegeta and goku