Tabata super-set workouts. (What is Tabata? Tabata interval training is an intense alternative to long cardiovascular sessions. Developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata and used to train the Japanese Olympic speed skating team. Get done in 4 minutes what would normally take you 28+ minutes. The key? Work AS HARD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN in those 4 minutes!)

Green Monster Spinach Smoothie

Cardio and Strength Workout: Super Sweaty Tabata Supersets. I LOVE tabata! Recommend this to anyone trying to get fit!

Chez Coco

Try this weekly workout plan when you need to lose weight fast. It will tone you up and help you drop those stubborn fat pounds that are dragging you down.

Weekly Workout Plan--good  not only limited to summer                                                                                                                                                     More

Spring Workout Plan

Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks workout

Life Pro Fitness on

the drop 10 workout. I'm not sure if it would really cause you to drop 10 lbs in two weeks but it does look like a good workout.

Easy at home workout ideas. Great for any 3 month workout

Easy at home workout ideas. Great for any 3 month workout. Cause with a newborn I can't get to the gym.


The Top 25 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

10 Killer Workouts to do at home - this is awesome for my new years resolution! | Classy Clutter - #workouts #fitness

10 Workouts to do at home

Workouts to do at home - 20 min. living room workout More Living Room 20 min living room workout. For variation change it to timed drills and see how many you can do in minutes.

this chick knows her stuff !12 Trainer Tracy Anderson Workout sheets

Cellulite, Schmellulite workout by Tracy Anderson to get those thighs and butt in shape.

do what you can but these are great tips on what to do each day.

Great weekly workout plan that you can do at home - I would probably mix the days up each week here-s-to-our-health

Only did one set today and "ouch"! What an awesome lower body workout... If this doesn't give you dancer legs I don't know what will!

How Real Food Can Heal Almost Any Health Issue: 10 Healing Stories

Since this should take about 15 mins per day, I should start the workout & stop pinning about doing it  1) must be something quick and 2) require no weights (in case I'm not at home).    Repeat these exercises every day for a month. :-)

Fastest 15 workout

Fastest 15 workout- Complete all 3 circuits before the 15 min runs out. We have been doing this in the mornings before we get ready for work . Def like it very leg focused

WORKOUT WITH ME WEDNESDAY: Legs (#LGFitmas Day 11) - 12/3

WORKOUT WITH ME WEDNESDAY: Legs (#LGFitmas Day 11) - 12/3 (Lauren Gleisberg)