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Adventure Awaits Bon Voyage Banner- World Map Farewell Garland / Banner- Map Decor - Bon Voyage Party- Farewell Party Decoration

Childrens Art: "Good Luck Claudia"... The SOS Africa Children's good luck message to Claudia Titley who completed a sponsored #Kayak around #Mauritius for SOS Africa... #GoodLuck #Messages #Charity #Challenges

A very sweet good luck message from SOS Africa's Kelebogile to Claudia Titley as she begins her sponsored Kayak around Mauritius today!

Ways to honor a deceased loved one at your wedding

10 Ways to Honor Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Cute Idea: Good way to incorporate my fiance's mother that passed away. Every year on the anniversary of her death we send balloon messages up to her in heaven!


Similar to the sketch I subconsciously did any time someone was going to die in my fam:

No creo en este, pero se ve prron así que demosle

I just like the burn bagel burn part. I'm stone cold sober but it still struck me as funny.

Lucky in Waiting for Godot is actually lucky since he doesn't have to search for things or think and he has a lot of free time.

Irish Symbols and Their Meanings

four leaf clover brings good luck! Patty's Day and i have my four leaf clover!

I'm doing ok as is but I got a couple c's I need help with...

I'm doing ok as is but I got a couple c's I need help with...