Salient Arms, Benelli M2, crye multicamFind our speedloader now!

Salient Arms, Benelli tied for my favorite shotgun. The semiautomatic would be perfect for destroying soft zombie heads. Of course most people are already zombies, they just lack the flesh eating.

6 Man Trailer Blind - IAWaterfowlers

Got the idea from hunting with a friend and considering when our best hunting is late season when the wind is blowing and the temperatures drop hugging a tree or cuddling up

shotgun techniques, wingshooting, duck hunting, shooting ducks, leads, skeet shooting

Clays shooters and bird hunters share a common challenge: How to lead a target, and by how much, to hit it. One of these three methods will always do the job.

▶ How to make a grass mat for a blind for duck and goose hunting - YouTube

Dick Solis shows you how to use a loom to make your own grass mats for duck and goose hunting blinds.

Blind Basics - How to build a great duck and goose blind

Blind Basics - How to build a great duck and goose blind

Silhouette Decoy Goose Hunting

Give the trailer a break, and try a stack of flat fakes next goose season to see why decoys are a great choice. Check it out at WILDFOWL.

floating shell by zip-tying pipe insulation to decoy

Any one gota a good idea or way to turn shells into goose floaters, I believe I've seen something on this before.