This is what the west, in particular America, has been suffering from... people are waking up finally!

Author of Fingerprints of the Gods, a book every educated person should read.

Located at an altitude of approximately 1,170 meters in the Beqaa valley, Baalbek is known to have been settled from at least 7,000 BC, however, some researchers, such as Graham Hancock, argue that its roots go back as many as 12,000 years. One of the most incredible features is the megalithic foundations of the Temple of Jupiter. It was built on platform of stones, and according to the German Archaeological Institute, the stone above the largest known stone block ever carved by human hands.

In the summer of the Oriental Department of the German Archaeological Institute led excavations in the quarry of Baalbek Heliopolis, in Lebanon and discovered the world's largest ancient quarried stone block.

Graham Hancock on Ancient Aliens, Atlantis & Ayahuasca 2

Graham Hancock on Ancient Aliens, Atlantis & Ayahuasca 2

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Mystery Books

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Keeper of Genesis -- American title: The Message of the Sphinx -- excellent!

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Graham Hancock Breaks The Set On TED Censorship, Lost Civilizations & War On Consciousness - TruthTheory

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Fibonacci , golden ratio , 3 , 9 - nikola tesla---ok he's the one that figured out the Fibonacci code?

NEW Graham hancock 2017 - Exploring consciousness

NEW Graham hancock 2017 - Exploring consciousness