Bar graph with m&ms! Students sort candy, gather data in a tally chart and create bar graph. Then they answer, write and solve word problems. Thomas' Teachable Moments (use sniffles)

Graphing Activities to add to your Data Management Unit!

Tired of the Same Ol' Graphing Questions? Check out this post for a fun and engaging data management graphing idea for and grade! This is perfect for third and fourth grade graphing or data management activities.

Teaching Graphing Through Inquiry - Update

chains -Lesson ideas for launching a graphing unit through a class-wide inquiry using minute to win-it activities and then graphing and comparing data.

Parts of a Graph- Label them! Simple but a great way to explain how graphing works. Miss Giraffe's Class: Graphing and Data Analysis in First Grade

Tallies & Graphs: Collecting Class Data This resource will engage students by entering data as to what they are doing on the weekend. Once this has been filled in by each class member students can then create a bar graph reflecting upon the results.

Real Object and Pictorial Graphs (Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog)

Here are a few more things we did with graphs this week. We used balls (my p. teacher bagged up a bunch of different ones for me) to create a real object graph. Then we moved the real objects to a p


Fidget spinners in the classroom driving you crazy? Learn how to put a positive "spin" on the fidget spinner trend with activities and free resources!

Graphing Game Printable

Bug Hunt Graphing Game Printable- A fun graphing activity for an insect unit!

Data and Graphing for Grade These FREE printables will engage and help your firsties practice their skills on how to represent data and interpret graphs. The activities include the topics of: ►Tally Charts ►Bar Graphs ►Picture Graphs