Class Winterland Poster Featuring: Butterfield Blues Band, Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead

psychedelic-sixties:Butterfield Blues Band/Jefferson Airplane/Grateful Dead, October 7 & 1966 - Winterland (San Francisco, CA) Artwork by Wes Wilson

Excellent selection from the Spring Run '90 'Really enjoyed the Nassau and Omni shows included here.

Wes Lang: GRATEFUL DEAD SPRING a natural spirituality and living free! If anyone can find this pin or a patch I am willing to pay or do trades

"AMERICAN BEAUTY"- Grateful Dead album cover

American Beauty-Grateful This is probably my favorite Grateful Dead album, both artwork wise and music wise. I also have it on Vinyl and it sounds great digitally as well!

grateful dead someecards - Google Search

Next time, I'll just slide a Grateful Dead album across the table on the first date, wink, & say "Listen, if you like this." We have a problem if ya don't like the Dead!