Baby great dane!

Look at the blue great dane puppy! so cute!we may have a problem. Jeff has been trying to convince me to get a great dane for a while now.and this one looks precious.I may not be as hard to win over as I was trying to be.

Beautiful great dane Looks like my baby

The Great Dane Dog Is A Well-mannered Family Companion

found this on a random blog. adorable

::: Favorites … Mine Not Yours … But They Could Be the Same :::

great dane, obviously. - also I think most of us are a little overweight, so I am sharing this... I saw this on TV and I have lost 26 pounds so far pretty quickly too

That's a huge dog! Harlequin Great Dane, My son Jordan loves his baby named "Roscoe" & the bond between them is amazing. One of the coolest dogs I've ever met. Really is a gentle giant.

Merle Great Dane Pup <3 Look at those big paws!

Ohhh, I used to have a girl who looked exactly like this baby.Bonnie Blue, RIP :( "Merle Great Dane Pup Look at those big paws!