medieval british recipes (I really need to look into the historical verification on this claim)

fish fillet fat ricotta and raccoon cheese sauteed in a tomatoe seed juicer finished with white kale stuffing glazed with popcorn butter

Real or fake? Lol

The combination of Oreos and Kraft cheese is just awful. This is shameful.

I can't decide what's more repulsive:  the congealed Spaghetti-O mound or the canned meat tube slices suspended within. (I know the photo doesn't look vintage, but the recipe's got to be.)

Peas and Carrots, Pork and Beans! The 1950s Housewife Cooks

This looks like a jello salad designed by a 5 yr old. Spaghetti-Os and Vienna sausage casserole.

Would you eat tuna eyeballs? If enough people say they would, I will re-categorize this...

Would you eat tuna eyeballs, they do in Japan.

12 Gross Foods That You Should Never Serve at a Halloween Party ...

12 Gross Foods That You Should Never Serve at a Halloween Party

I Call The Eyeballs: Giant Meatloaf Rat Halloween Dinner

this better be a joke.  poor little platypi.   they are poisonous you know.

30 Canned Foods You Never Knew Existed

30 Canned Foods You Never Knew Existed. Theres a stuffed animal in there not actually platypus meat. It also comes in kangaroo

This drink, which is so close to glory. | 17 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

17 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won

21 Bacon Products That Actually Exist - Bacon Chronicle

Mackeral and Tuna Picnic Loaf by Jello Kitty, via Flickr  gross gross gross gross gross

Perhaps the worst vintage food delight I've encountered so far. Uncle George threw up in the bread maker again!

50's Vintage Recipe - Cottage Cheese Seashell Casserole

1959 - Cottage Cheese Seashell Casserole - cottage cheese over some sort of tuna macaroni dish. What the ever-loving FUCK were people smoking in the

Dave suddenly remembered a previous engagement and the other guests followed suit

Galareta wieprzowa świnka i prosiaczki - na Stylowi.

Could someone pass me the salt....and A BARF BAG...PLEASE???  LIKE "NOW" !!!  Yup, this definitely a NOOOOOOO, thank you!!!

19 Pictures Full of NOPE

Asian demand for whole-pangolin-fetus soup, pangolin-scale

OMG! These are such a great gross food recipe idea...I love it. But eeeewwww…

ROACHES! Yumm-eeee

These are such a great gross food recipe idea.I love it. But eeeewwww…

These are pig's tails. Yep, those cute little curly thingies on the asses of pigs. You are supposed to shave them, bread them, fry them, taste them, and then puke. And then throw them away and order a pizza.

These tentacle-like stuff reminds me of the creature in the movie ALIEN! These are actually pigs' tails.

An entire Christmas dinner in a can. Nooooooooooooo

The last time you're asked to host Christmas dinner

Imagine the expressions on the faces of your unsuspecting dinner guests when they behold this on your buffet table.

Now serving Nope Fish. [A great way to scare off your guests.

All Hail the Mighty Wiener -- Bad and Ugly of Retro Food: Ready to talk about food again (Recipe Cards #15)

Retro Eats: Crown Roast of Frankfurters 1969 Weight Watchers Recipe Card-cabbage, poppy seeds, vinegar, pimentos, hotdogs.