If your friends love Disney, try one of these group costumes for Halloween.

23 Group Disney Costume Ideas For Your Squad

Want to take your Disney Halloween costume to the next level? This year, get a big group of friends and dress up as an entire movie!

Drama de niños.  2 Timoteo 4:7 He peleado la buena batalla, he acabado la carrera, he guardado la fe.

8 Co-ed Group Halloween Costumes

Look different from the lot in parties with these gaudy Mario Kart costumes. Show a bit of racing around action by chasing each other in these costumes.

38 Friend Halloween Costumes

38 Friend Halloween Costumes

Gather a group of friends — the more the merrier — and have everyone choose their favorite candy color. Purchase white gloves, solid-colored tutus and suspenders and striped knee-high socks (available (Diy Costume Ideas)

This Halloween costume is ideal for big groups of friends. Each of you can pick a dwarf that represents you—mine would probably be sleepy.

23 Disney Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Feel Magical

Lace Lyrical Dance Costume by MyPurpleThread on Etsy

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Halloween DIY Costumes: Pooh Bear, Piglet & Tigger  pinterest: @charlottetweed

My roommates (Monica and Morgan) and I have always wanted to be Pooh Bear, Piglet and Tigger but we didn't know how to turn these cartoon characters into real life costumes with keeping that cartoon theme as well as being on a budget.