The Best Methods to Determine Your Hair Type & Texture explains the various hair types and textures and how to determine which one you have naturally.

The Best Methods to Determine Your Hair Type & Texture

In my opinion hair typing can be useful. True one can watch videos of anyone they want, however, watching someone with a similar texture to yours will give you a better idea as to how a style you attempt may turn out

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The Hair Texture Chart 1 Dec Do you know your type? This hair system developed by Andre Walker (Oprah Winfrey hair styl.

Natural hair type chart

Hair Talk About Texture Discrimination in the Natural Hair Community. Response to Joulezy video. "Come to Jesus Meeting"

Hair Texture Chart | The Crimson Label

Image A chart displaying the various different types of hair textures which is quite useful especially when part of the criteria is to have a sense of texture. These also help to develop the shape.


In preparation for our wonderful amazing natural hair masterpost I took a crack at making a hair chart (for types 3 & keep in mind that this chart is in no way an end all be all to hair typing.

Natural Hair Texture Chart

Natural Hair Texture Chart

Andre Walker, Oprah’s hair stylist, created a hair typing system that classifies the various hair textures for people's natural state of hair. Each hair type is broken down into 4 types with added .

These names sound kind of ridiculous but it's cool that they made these distinct types. | 14 Charts Anyone Who Sucks At Hair Will Appreciate

K.N.O.W. your curl pattern.

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Here's a great introduction to the hair typing system. #naturalhair #hairtypes

Here's a great introduction to the hair typing system. Note: I'm definitely a mix of & When I pull my hair taught, it causes my coils to stretch and become "S" waves.

There are four types of natural hair textures. These natural hair texture charts are perfect for those that need a visual on how to know their hair type.

Natural Hair Texture Chart

Is hair typing really helping the natural hair community or is it just another way to separate us? Hair typing is well known in the natural hair community. It is helpful in that it helps provide a .