The Kid-Friendly Home: Hand Print Family Tree

The Kid-Friendly Home: Hand Print Family Tree.When you move into a new home and all of your family is there at your house warming, have each family member paint their own hand, have elected family members help paint family that can not be there.

Diversity multi-ethnic hand tree illustration over stripe pattern background.  file layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring. Stock Vector

Environmental groups have long known that they're hurting in the diversity department. A new partnership has set out to fix that.

Definitely going to do this! Because everything my kids do is important to me and this would be a great memory

25 Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make

Hand Print Christmas Tree- My kids made the handprint tree for Christmas it turned out cute. I wish i would have done the handprints in the opposite direction tho!

Prayer Corner Bulletin Board.  Students write special intentions on one decorated hand and place it on the tree.  Then a second students writes their name on a decorated hand and places it on top of a hand print that is not theirs.  They pray for that special intention for the week.  Use velcro dots to stick hands.

do on small plates for dot day Collaborative HAND ART project. Could be done with a classroom of students. Or make it a family project and have children collect one hand print design from each family member, then put them together for a family tree.