Looks can be deceiving. Gorgeous grooming may seem complicated, but really it all boils down to a few—OK, five—fundamental skills.

5 Beauty Skills Every Woman Must Master

5 Beauty skills every woman must master: Looks can be deceiving. Gorgeous grooming may seem complicated, but really it all boils down to a few—OK, five—fundamental skills.

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What Is Your Dominant Brain, Your Creative Or Logical Side?

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She did not want to move, or to speak. She wanted to rest, to lean, to dream. She felt very tired. - Virginia Woolf

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AcoluthicRedux-9 http://www.fubiz.net/2015/01/14/hands-under-neon-lights/

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Acoluthic Redux, 2014 // Andre Elliot ///// the lights on the stage. like if everything and anything was possible.

This is a spectacular picture because it looks very appealing under the neon and shows a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors.

Misaki, Future Punk Trend Spotter

Hands under neon light - The Andre Elliott photographer captured hands in regal positions and placed under multicolored neon through his series entitled "Acoluthic Redux." It delivers shades of vibrant colors and delicate shadows.

The Writer’s Need for Experience ~An amazing bit of advice that all writers should heed! ~SheWolf★

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Sculpted hand - This shows a clay sculpture which had been cast in silicone then painted. A great deal of surface texture had been added at the sculpting stage so that when they were cast in silicone and painted, they give an extremely realistic look.

[Little by little they changed, first from the inside...] ...then on the out.

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Jouke Bos photographie entre art et mode - Beware!

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Hands under neon light - Le photographe Andre Elliott a capturé des mains dans des positions majestueuses et placées sous des néons multicolores à travers sa série intitulée « Acoluthic Redux ». Il livre des dégradés de couleurs vibrantes et des jeux d’ombres délicats.

Hands Under Neon Lights

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Everything you need to make sense of the hands and draw them without a headache. | Difficulty: Beginner; Length: Medium; Tags: Drawing, Theory, Human Anatomy, Drawing Theory

Human Anatomy Fundamentals: How to Draw Hands - Tuts+ Design & Illustration Tutorial .

The hands of the WICKED, MALICIOUS NAZI doctors who ruined my life and continue to haunt me in my nightmares.

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