The Silence of the Lambs- just watched this for the first time. Let's just say that I carry a baseball bat in my car now.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

1991 - El silencio de los corderos (The Silence of the Lambs) - Jonathan Demme

Hannibal Poster

Hannibal (2001)

Which Hannibal Movie Should I Watch First. Living in exile, Hannibal Lecter tries to reconnect with now disgraced FBI agent Clarice Starling and finds himself a target for revenge from a powerful victim.

Hannibal Lecter: First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek? Clarice Starling: He kills women... Hannibal Lecter: No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does? What needs does he serve by killing?

Hollywood villains: Why the Brits make the best baddies

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector in The Silence of the Lambs opposite Jodie Foster.

"Law & Order SVU" - ADA Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza) The best!! He's just so handsome. I adore his wit!

"Law & Order SVU" - ADA Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza) The best! I adore his wit!

Raul Esparza. Loved him in all of his Broadway performances. I was weary of him on Law & Order but he's surprisingly awesome!!

Raul Esparza - although some of Company is annoying, his voice and the way he plays Bobby is perfect.

Community Post: 21 "Law And Order" Tumblr Posts That Are Fucking Funny Because They're True

21 "Law And Order" Tumblr Posts That Are Fucking Funny Because They're True

I'm not sure if I find the SuperWhoLock bit more distracting, the association of Hannibal with these four, or that Merlin says it has new episodes to be more important and distracting.

The first thing I noticed, Superwholock order! Someone at Netflix knows what's up!

Welcome to the world's craziest ship.

Very funny but inaccurate. Being friend of his dogs allows Hannibal to do lots of interesting things, like feeding them with Mason's face or framing Will.

This made me laugh a little more than I probably should have.

theselflessbeggar: “ hannibal + text posts [will graham + his dogs] ”


'Law & Order: SVU's' Raul Esparza: 'I have been part of critically acclaimed glories' -