Hayley Williams from Paramore

Hayley Williams from Paramore --- I've decided to be a RepubliCon so I can romance (hustle) young women (girls)

Hayley Williams 2011 Vans Warped Tour

This is my favourite band, their name is Paramore, and they are a BAND

Topshop Knitted Sheer Stripe Jumper ($76.00); Topshop Black Luxe Satin Wrap Skort ($80.00); Dr Martens Jadon 8-Eye Boots ($170.00)

Hayley's Celebrity Beach Bowl performance outfit was really adorable.

Hayley Williams and her wonderful iron fist heels.

Hayley Williams flaunts a punk rock style at the 2014 Alternative Press Music Awards. Love everything about this whole outfit!

//student file Name: Laine Elizabeth Baker Features: Red hair (usually with another color) Eyes: Green/Brown Age: 16 Birthday: May 25 1998 Powers: Super strength and Healing Nicknames: unknown Relatives: unknown (FC: Hayley Williams who in my personal opinion looks adorable in these pics)

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