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What a Clever Kitty - 24th June 2014

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Kitty love ~ I love when my cats do the "head bump".

40 Photos Of Animals In Love

I believe these to be Bobcats. The original photo is not identified. Bobcats are a lot like a small lynx-looking North American wild cat. They have the ear tufts and often a small ruff of fur on the sides of the face. Spots are common.

sweet cat love

Cats Love Fish - 22nd March 2014

14 Perfect Animal Pairs That Are Looking Out For Each Other

14 Perfect Animal Pairs That Are Looking Out For Each Other

Goat "I will attack giant beast" horse "oh hey there little dude yeah head bump"

20 Friendship Images Guaranteed To Make You Smile

Whether you call it a “head butt”, a “head boop” or a “head bonk” …it’s one of the funny, silly ways that cats show us how much they love us… [soliloquy

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"Luke turned out fine! (We gotta get Lilly to a doctor!) Modern Family Cam and Mitchell.I've seen this scenario in real life in the Peds ED!

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For the Past 7 Years, Whenever Rick Anderson Goes Diving, This Shark Comes To Cuddle With Him .

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