Ipomoea sp., but could use Tetrastigma voinierianum, Hedera helix, Hedera canariensis, Podranea ricasolianaa, Bougainvillea, Tumbergia grandiflora, Rosa x wichuaiana, etc - Google+

Built by MIA Design Studio in Da Nang, Vietnam with date Images by Oki Hiroyuki. The Pure Spa is an oasis of tranquility and facilitates the five-star Naman Retreat, Danang.

Impact Plants supplies living green screens, instant screens of ivy growing on wiremesh supplied. Living fence panels and hedging screens.

Privacy with Another option for climbing plants is to use the evergreen English ivy. These living fences from ‘Impact Plants‘ give you year round privacy screens with an English garden look.

Hedera helix 'Ritterkreuz'

The American Ivy Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the genus Hedera.

Ivy Topiary (Hedera helix)                                                                                                                                                     More

House plants are beautiful and inexpensive solutions for enriching color palette, personalizing rooms, and enhancing Eco-friendly home decorating

ivy covered garden pot

I love an Ivy covered pot! Unfortunately my gardeners butchered my ivy covered pot with their weed whacker!

Suggestie KTK: Hedera_helix_Woerner

Suggestie KTK: Hedera_helix_Woerner

English Ivy.  I think Ivy is wild and beautiful, it grows where it pleases and is nearly unstoppable :)

English Ivy (Hedera helix)- the number one houseplant to grow indoors according to NASA. It is the plant that most effectively absorbs formaldehyde, and prefers moderate temps and medium sunlight.