Hellboy In Hell #1 - Cover by Mike Mignola

Dark Horse comics for December this is one of the covers for Hellboy In Hell drawn by Mike Mignola. Nobody draws Hellboy like Mignola.

Preview: Hellboy in Hell #7,   Hellboy in Hell #7  Story: Mike Mignola Art…- This one is all about the use of color. The sickly, fluorescent green shade of everything combined with a lack of a detailed background just screams "mythical, unknown and otherworldly"

There are several big developments coming up for the Hellboy Universe. First, there& the long-awaited return of Hellboy in Hell for Issues and as a

Preview: Hellboy in Hell #1, Cover - Comic Book Resources

It is a joyous occassion to see Mike Mignola on pencil duty again. Welcome back, Mike and more importantly, welcome back, Hellboy, whatever that may mean. Hellboy in Hell cover by Mike Mignola

"Hellboy in Hell" #10; Mike Mignola

"Hellboy in Hell" Mike Mignola- Mignola only draws what he needs to draw. Not a line more. You can look at a page for only a fraction of a second and still get what happened. The storytelling is seamless.