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This simple project generates a lot of interest and creativity for beginning students, while teaching the technical aspects of decorating clay in the plastic and leather-hard states. Working on the small medallions was considerably less intimidating than a large project, and students later incorporated various decoration methods into their pottery.

Good idea for hanging up test tiles in studio :) ceramic clay- textures. Good article and step-by-step instructions on making texture in clay by high school teacher Leon Roloff

High School Reunion Planning Ideas

Here are a collection of ideal high school reunion planning tips and class reunion ideas from InkHead.

High School Bulletin Boards | THINK bulletin board for high school students | class  | followpics.co

Great for middle and high school classrooms. Often times kids need to be reminded that once you post something you normally can't un-post it.

High school classroom organization: Arranging the desks this way makes it easy for students to form pairs or groups of four.

The view as you walk into my room. Other side of the room view. Supply Area Reading Area(Kindergarten starts class with a story.

High School Ceramics Lesson // David Stabley inspired houses

High School Ceramics Lesson // David Stabley inspired houses (looks like a really awesome project)