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I wish to create a life that causes my Soul to Dance within my body ~~~♡ ☮ American Hippie ☮ Free Spirit

have more scarves than I probably should have but I wear them almost always in the same way. Such a waste of super stylish opportunities. Cant wait to try some of those! Love love love the bohemian hippie chick look!    Thanks for sharing!

Amazing Fashion DIY – 12 Head Wrap Scarf Tutorials In Less Than 7 Minutes -...

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The Hippie Chick Half & Quarter Marathon and Kids run will be held on SATURDAY, the day BEFORE Mother's Day. The Hippie Chick Events welcome walkers and runn.

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Stevie Nicks. Her full fringe is cut at lash length and tapered down to cheekbone length. Medium high forehead, oval face shape, wavy thick hair texture. #stevienicks

everyone's fave gypsy hippy chick stevie nicks,fleetwood Mack - one of my favorites

Hippie Chicks rule!!

Hippies were teenagers and young adults during the and early who were in favor of peace and a loving attitude toward all mankind and against war and violence. ~ It's I'm 54 years old.and Love & peace are my thing ~ I'm a hippie chick!

Hippie Chick Midge

Hippie Chick Midge