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10 Primary Source Lessons for American History Teachers and U.S. History Teachers. Links to awesome primary source docs to read with your students. Close reading time!

10 Primary Source Lessons Every American History Teacher Should Teach

10 Primary Source Lessons for American History Teachers and U. Links to awesome primary source docs to read with your students. Primary sources are an excellent way to learn about history. These lessons focus on so

7 Outstanding YouTube Channels for History Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning--Fun Channels!

Videos are not always a bad thing! Showing a video appeals to the learning style of different students and may connect more for an ELL

My Boju Life: For the U.S. History Teachers teaching the Great Depression

Trading & Currency infographic & data My Boju Life: For the U. History Teachers teaching the Great Depression. Infographic Description My Boju Life: Fo

World History Teachers Blog: Unit Projects/Assessments for 10th-grade World History

This source helps teachers create summative final unit assessments. This also covers a variety of projects that can take the place of a traditional written test.

15 Games for Teaching History - http://www.yearroundhomeschooling.com/15-games-teaching-history/

15 Games for Teaching History

Learn how to use inquiry circles in Social Studies class. Great for reviewing topics, and teaching the Common Core.

How to Teach the Standards through Social Studies Inquiry Circles

Need some social studies project ideas? Learn how to make Social Studies more engaging for your students with inquiry circles. Inquiry circles reinforce social studies standards while teaching the research process. (Grab the free social studies project

Great Big List of Hands On Homeschool History Activities for Kids from preschool, through elementary school to middle school. From ancient times to modern times.


Homeschool history activities and resources for preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school. Hands on history activities.

Historical Milestones as Famous Pop Songs (BrainPicker)  - Gaga, White Stripes, Timberlake

Historical Milestones As Famous Pop Songs

::: BONUS ::: The French Revolution (Bad Romance by Lady Gaga) by Historyteachers.

By using a simple mnemonic device, this skinny poster illustrates the factors that characterize any civilization: Geography, Religion, Achievements, Politics, Economics, and Social Structures. Use this poster when introducing any ancient civilization to your students. It works with classifying present-day civilizations, too!    ©2017. 13 x 38 inches. Laminated to last. Middle school, high school.

It would be a good way to channel students' focus when talking about different civilizations or eras. It breaks a huge idea down to six different topics, with varying complexities. It could be altered a little to be more applicable.

7 Useful YouTube Channels for History. I will post some of these links to a classroom website or show some in class to help aide my lectures. It will also be a good learning or review tool for students outside of the class room.

Video Lectures from Mr. Hughes, brought to you from McKinley High School in Buffalo, NY. These video lectures are designed to explain concepts in U. History and a small but growing arsenal of World History ideas.