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Guess I better start learning some of this :): The Hockey Rules Infographic

Basic Rules to Hockey... check some out as the playoffs start.   Fellow Pinners! Please pin this and follow the Empowerment Zone 4 Kids page.  We created this campaign for a "social media for social work"  class - (less than 2 weeks left) and please help my group show the rest of the class the power of social media for good! Please and Thank You!

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - A Visual Guide

Basic Rules: NHL Hockey - Visual Guide Grandma needs to carry a copy of this w/her to the games!

simple explaination of hockey for my friends

Ice Hockey 101

A collection of pictures and rink diagrams illustrating basic ice hockey rules.

Ice Hockey Layout - Wikipedia

Ice Hockey 101

If you're new to the game, here is a brief and simple guide to the basic ice hockey rules.

i laughed harder than i should have

I didn't think this was real at first, wow just goes to prove how special/awesome hockey players are.

Ice Hockey Rules at a Glance - A look at the basic ice hockey rules

Ice Hockey 101

Rules for watching hockey (and football): If you're not yelling at the screen you're not really watching the game so please remove yourself.

Noctice: Rules for watching hockey: If youre not yelling at the screen youre not really watching the game so please remove yourself - WorkLAD - Banter, Funny Pics, Viral Videos

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Henrik Lundqvist

Henrik Lundqvist [ "Henrik Lundqvist [ \"definitly not a Rangers fan but hockey beats all\", \"Thats why i love hockey - hockey players are hard core!

ice hockey rules

You may not be familiar with ice hockey rules if you don’t live where it’s cold. These basic rules will make hockey simple for beginners.