Homemade face paints

Homemade Face Paint  Directions: Start by mixing together equal parts corn starch and face lotion. Add 1/4 tsp vegetable oil, You want it smooth without being watery. Now put a spoonful in a small container and add a pea-sized amount of washable paint. You can also swap for a few drops of natural food coloring or homemade dyes. Repeat until you've got a set of face paint. For a bit of shimmer, sprinkle glitter eye shadow into containers or dust over finished face paint for allover glitter.

Seriously Easy Homemade Face Paint

Homemade Face Paint: equal parts corn starch + face lotion. Add tsp vegetable oil, smooth without being watery. a spoonful in a small container, add pea-sized amount of washable paint or a few drops of natural food colouring

HOW TO MAKE THE FACEPAINTS:  Mix together two heaped teaspoons of cornflour/cornstarch with one teaspoon of baby lotion. Add a few drops of food colouring and mix together well until you have reached the desired consistency. For a thicker paint add more cornflour/cornstarch and to make it runnier add more baby lotion (alternatively a few drops of water could be used).

Homemade Face Paints ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose (cornstarch, baby lotion, food coloring)

If you're planning to paint your face for Halloween this year, here's an easy DIY how-to so you don't have to buy it at the store.

Seriously Easy Homemade Face Paint

Instead of picking up expensive kits made with questionable ingredients that may be harsh on skin (and leave lingering marks the next day), try making your

DIY Face Paint by mommypotamus: So safe you can eat it. Made with flour, cornstarch, honey, and natural food coloring. #Kids #Face_Paint

How To Make Face Paint With Natural Ingredients

In a Campaign for Safe Cosmetics report, 10 out of 10 face paints tested positive for lead and 6 out of 10 tested positive for other heavy metals. Here's an easy homemade alternative that's made with safe, natural ingredients

Activities: Homemade Face Paint Gotta look into this one! I love DIYs and I'll be needing some major cake paint soon.

Homemade Face Paint

Activities: Homemade Face Paint~` What You Need: 2 tablespoons of cold cream, or other thick face cream 1 tablespoon corn starch Food coloring in assorted colors Paper plate Small paintbrushes Optional: stencils

Homemade Face Paint - mix equal parts lotion & washable kid paints.  Perfect for parties and school carnivals

Homemade Face Paint - mix equal parts lotion & washable kid paints. Perfect for parties and school carnivals Going to have to do this!

DIY: How to Make Homemade Face Paint. This is perfect for Halloween costumes! | Live Colorful

DIY: How to Make Homemade Face Paint

Last Friday I went to a small Halloween party with some friends. Since it was something super casual, I used a few things I had at home and created my own

Homemade Face Paint - a simple recipe with only three ingredients!!

Homemade Face Paint… using only 3 ingredients!

Homemade Face Paint tore bought face paint have a list of ingredients that I can't even pronounce.  Here's a recipe for face paint that you can feel good about putting on your child's face....and they are all ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry!

Body paint diy : 1 tsp flour 5 tsp corn starch 2 tsp shortening food coloring Mix all together to form a paste. Apply with a small paint brush.