Honda's explosive Civic Type R is coming to North America with the Japanese firm saying it will be very close to the European model, which is a five-door hatch. And yes, the rest of the Civic hatchback range is heading our way as well.

Honda's next-gen Civic will offer a coupe and sedan body style and here's a speculative look at what a Civic Coupe Type R could look like made by Civicx forum by Wild Speed.

1995 Honda Civic EX — The Bleeding Edge

When Justin Wesseling was building his 1995 Honda Civic EX for Time Attack he decided to think outside the box and put in a motor from a minivan into it.

2016 Honda Civic Type R Concept / Japan / grey red / hot hatch / 16-133

Eres mi yo en coche 2016 Honda Civic Type R Concept / Japan / grey red / hot hatch /

1992 Honda Civic EG - Art of Speed via

I'd want a roll cage/ bar in my college civic to add a lot of safety and ride stability. And badass factor

67 Images Modified Cars Ideas Honda Civic

67 Images Modified Cars Ideas Honda Civic

Good day automotive buddies throughout the homeland are happy, on this occasion we will discuss a little about the modification

honda civic hatchback 2000 - Google Search

collection Honda Civic with a very luxurious, in 2017 this automotive enthusiasts. In today's world, lovers Modified extremely mad against his favorite vehicle.

1996 Honda Civic DX - Extraordinary via Import Tuner

There are a ton of Civics out there that have aftermarket seats, wheels, a swap, and are even painted white, but few measure up to this 1996 Honda Civic DX.

2016 Honda Civic Sedan, Coupe & Hatchback Renders Leaked - 10th Gen Civic Forum

First Look at the Civic Hatch? After a 5 door Civic mule was spotted in Germany 2 weeks ago, this render offers us the first potential look at the UK