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bambedfaux: “ listen-toyourart: “ shellyaye: “ lovingmalemodels: “ Dennis Gijsbers ” touch me ” lost all my morals…… ” oh sweet baby jesus ”

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Afternoon eye candy: Hotties who surf (39 photos)

Brody just getting finished with water polo

BERRY hot men: Random hotties (29 photos)

Afternoon eye candy: Hotties who surf (39 photos)

Afternoon eye candy: Hotties who surf (39 photos)


We post random dope stuff + some original surfing content.Although some of our photos are of pro surfers,most are of just regular free surfers,some that we meet on our travels that surf,like we.

hi :)

surf-your-worries-away m-oonlit: is it weird if i start planning our wedding is it weird if i’ve sent out the invites farout man this is the hottest guy

boys will be boys | COCONUTS AND SUNSHINE

eatsleepsurf: “ wannagosurfing: “ definition of perfect ok guys ” long hair is…

maybe something like this @Rose Pendleton Pendleton Pendleton Pendleton Pendleton?

bondi beach australia There is seriously something so flipping attractive about back muscles.

Si en el hipotético caso dice que puedes pedir mi mano en ese momento, todos le creerán

Hipotéticamente Enamorada #NA2017 - Capítulo 20

Read Capítulo 20 from the story Hipotéticamente Enamorada by MicaSun (Sunshine) with reads.

Young Toby

Young Toby