No1 Houseboat: No1 Living 40'

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The dream of house-boat living is one not shared by many people. It certainly wasn't one of our until we boarded a fine example of . The Nautilus series not only looks fresh and stylish, with custom made interiors in white with splashes of green from the dotty decoration of the accessories within, i

This Sweet Houseboat Lets You Live Your Nautical Dreams (13 Photos)

Nautilus Houseboats are specialized in the development and construction of innovative design houseboats for a modern lifestyle. The idea of living on the water used to be for people seeking freedom and adventure outside conventional society, but thes

Tiny House Furniture – For the very small home |

Space is possibly one of the biggest issues in tiny or small houses. In order to face this challenge, one of the best solutions is to opt for well-designed and efficient space saving furniture that decorates our tiny spaces without cluttering them.

Cheap Houseboat Interior Ideas

Cheap Houseboat Interior Ideas

A lot of people forget about houseboats in regards to housing alternatives. A houseboat may be terrific addition to any waterfront property. This houseboat creates a statement. Buying a houseboat m…

Prefab houseboat gives water babies a taste of landlubber luxury

Bluefield Houseboats' models are permanently moored but can be towed to different locations if required

Cool idea

Neat and tidy: Install a coat hook low down on the floor in your hall and hang your trainers and shoes from it to keep life organized.this would be a great idea along the garage wall into the house.

Maybe a standard houseboat isn’t the best idea. But a floating house? A full-on, decked out, fancy house floating on water? That sounds like a plan.

23 incredible floating houses that will make you want to pack up your things

Maybe a standard houseboat isn’t the best idea. But a floating house? A full-on, decked out, fancy house floating on water? That sounds like a plan.

how houseboats work

How Houseboats Work

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Weight, buoyancy, depth, displacement of pontoon houseboats?

I want to calculate the weight, depth, buoyancy, and displacement for pontoon houseboats. I have just purchased a small houseboat and it is made from aluminium.

DIY Pontoon Boat Kits (or houseboat

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A large shingled houseboat in Amsterdam with a variety of potted plants and patio furniture on the roof.

32 Incredible and Unique Houseboat Designs (PHOTOS)

A collection of houseboats from around the world, including Amsterdam and India. Find the perfect houseboat for your lifestyle!