How old is rihanna

Denim on denim -- everything is so perf, from the hair to the heels! #rihanna

Rihanna Photos Photos: Rihanna Greets Fans

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I enjoy this picture of Beyonce because I feel as if it shows how timeless she is. Even in black and white her picture is scolding.

25 Retro Hairdos That Still Work Even Today

Retro Beauty: Estee Lauder "Mad Men" Collection Estee Lauder have teamed up with Matthew Weiner; creator and producer of the cult TV phenomenon Mad Men to launch a special limited edition collection.

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Rihanna: 'Diamonds' World Tour Rehearsal - Watch Now!: Photo Rihanna shows off her long legs in a slit dress while attending the Rihanna for River Island Collection Launch at the Oxford Street River Island store on Monday…

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon - Old-timey theft was an...interesting choice of video for this song? Also, pom-poms and heavy makeup used to be edgy. I'm glad I didn't see this when I was little, I probably would have been scared of Boy George, he looks so much like a clown. Is he supposed to be a hobo? He's lurkin', whatever his deal is. Just like a clown hobo.

Culture Club - Karma Chameleon (+playlist) Boy George - who the whole world will have heard the band Culture Club and especially this song.

one directions response to miley's performance! To everyone who sees this What were your opinions on the VMAs?

Is It Sexist To Trash Miley Cyrus' Bizarre VMAs Performance?

One directions faces I laughed at that too but what about the guy in the back looking up like lord Jesus please help me>>> that guy I the back is named Paul THE BOYS BODYGAURD!

She looks like Lynn from girlfriends/Aaliyah

Photo: Zendaya Pretty In A Black Dress February 8, 2014