Improve Your Climbing Finger Strength  It's obvious to anyone that building strength in the fingers is one of the most important (if not the most important) areas to build strength on the body of a climber.  Regardless of how strong your back, chest, arms and your core is, if

Getting back into the climbing game. Found a good indoor gym. so i guess it is time to get my body as well as my mind right. How To Improve Your Climbing Finger Strength

Build a Climbing Wall off the deck, next to the slide!

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There's no better way to add an awesome personal touch than Do It Yourself climbing holds. Learn more from our How To Make Climbing Wall Holds infographic.

DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Climbing Out of Bed: A Creative Indoor Climbing Wall (and DIY rockclimbing holds!

How to Improve at Indoor Rock Climbing: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Improve at Indoor Rock Climbing

How to Improve at Indoor Rock Climbing. Indoor rock climbing is a challenging sport, but it is also lots of fun. If you are new to indoor climbing or if you just want to improve your skills, there are several things that you can do.

How to improve your rock climbing technique in 5 easy steps.

Trenton Dierkes (@trentondierkes)

How to clean your climbing rope!

How to Clean Your Climbing Rope!

Bc this hurts and I need to get better at it before I go to Squamish.

Names of Indoor Rock Climbing Holds and How to Use Different Types

Names of indoor rock climbing holds and how to use different types. Indoor rock climbing holds come in all shapes and sizes. Learning climbing hold names and types is essential to improving your climbing.

Don't let your climbing gear money go to waste. Here's how to clean cams that seem stuck:

How to Clean Cams: Never lose pricey pro again with these tricks. (via Climbing Magazine)

What equipment do you need? What does 'belay' mean? Everything you need to know to start learning how to rock climb!

The first experience I ever had with real rock climbing was incredible. I went canyoneering in Moab, Utah for the first time with friends .