Smash! It’s the Incredible Hulk!

Smash… Hulk Smash… In case you are still wondering why I made purple fleece shorts… It was the first step in the Incredible Hulk costume the kiddo was wanting!

one of the final trial runs before Halloween

DIY Hulk Costume Made from Scratch!

Trevor: Hello there! My name is Trevor and I made an Incredible hulk costume from scratch! I started with a black lycra suit and added pieces of polyurethane foam with a.

hulk costume diy by Mama kreatywnie

hulk costume diy by Mama kreatywnie

HULK costume

HULK Costume

This is a costume I did for I made it with huge hands and arms(the arms have a clothes dryer metal hose at the elbow joint for movement and a wood rod.

Homemade Incredible Hulk Costume

Coolest Incredible Hulk Costume

Homemade Incredible Hulk Costume: The initial idea for my Incredible Hulk costume came on a cold December night as a bunch of my friends and I were out for dinner and drinks.