Please tell me so I don't spill any !!!

“sure, the cake is good…just not “I got a pony” good” This delicious dessert is oh-so-good! I’ve made this cake twice and received numerous compliments and both…

And we'll put a Happy little Birthday over here ~Bob Ross Humor

Bob Ross Painting Episodes Are Streaming Online And People Are Stoked

I would stare in awe while watching him. If you don't like Bob Ross, I don't like you. Like a train can't stop watching him paint those little trees and use knives to make mountains.

Laughed way too hard at this!

Haha I love Sweet Brown. When people interviewed on the news are very expressive and sometimes goofy, Ms. Sweet Georgia Brown tops my list.

Birthday humor; funny RSVP

Egad, me on a plane, again...pray for me!

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25 Funny Humor Birthday Quotes #images

25 Funny Humor Birthday Quotes

Funny Birthday Quotes Is it your friends birthday? Are you looking for some funny birthday quotes for Friends Well worry not we have some great funny Birthday quotes & Wishes